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Argentine Uveitis Society

During the summer I was privileged to give a couple of lectures at the inaugural meeting of the Argentine Uveitis Society following a kind invitation from a colleague and fellow specialist, Professor Christobal Couto.  One of the lectures I gave was on a rare inflammatory disease of the eyes called Birdshot retinochoroiditis. I have a research interest in this potentially serious eye disease, as I manage a number of patients with this disorder at Moorfields Eye Hospital. This rare but serious disease occurs primarily in Northern Europeans, and results in chronic  inflammation within the retina and  the underlying nourishing blood supply, called the choroid. Thankfully treatment is available but it usually involves long term steroids and immunosuppressive drugs. Professor Couto and myself have a shared interest in this condition. There are a number of patients in Buenos Aires with birdshot, arising as a result of the European heritage of many of the Argentinians. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet with some Argentine colleagues, and we discussed treatment strategies for this condition. I also toured the ophthalmology department. The central hospital is in the medical district of Buenos Aires – many of these buildings were built in the 1940s, and have a distinctly fascist German inspired architecture, having been built in the Peron era. It wasn’t all work, though – I took some time to sample the wonderful Argentinian steaks and wine!